Grand opening!

Grand opening!

Posted by Barbara from Barb's Bags...Got Interfacing? on Jun 22nd 2017

Ok how do I blog? Here's my first

Well, here goes! My first blog! I'm so excited to have my web page up and running, and blessed to be able to offer woven interfacing at a more reasonable price than what pellon sells their sf101. A lot of bag makers do all this sewing for self support, and paying so much for supplies makes it difficult to make a good profit on their long hours of hard work!

So what to blog about....I hope to add patterns, tips, videos to help the every-day bag maker! I also plan to add bags for sale from a few bag makers who have stood out as great friends, great bag makers, and good Christian people! These people are Vickie Fournier, from So You Need Hardware? Vickie's hardware is superb and can make the difference between your bag being Walmart quality, to high end appearance. Also Chia Yang Williams will be apart of this adventure. Chia is my web page author, and makes some awesome Bags. And last but not least is Tom Jordan. Tom has been one of my admins for some time and does some awesome sewing! He and Chia are part of my video team in my SAL group. The three of them are my admins. I'm hoping we can create some of our own patterns also!

What are your interests? What would you like to learn, to see, on my website blog?

Until next time, happy sewing! Tell me what you think of my website, and what you'd like to learn! I hope to make this a fun site to hang out on!

Custom cuts can be made for larger orders on request. This would be to maximize amount that can be shipped. Ex: for 28 Yds, it would entail two 10 yd cuts and an 8 yd cut to fit a flat rate large box. Special order cuts are for multiple orders only.